2019 Neonatal Ultrasound Course and First steps in Neonatal Brain Ultrasound: an amazing, adventurous journey!

By | 12. november 2018
18. marts 2019 – 22. marts 2019 heldags
Firenze, Italien

Learning objectives of the Course

The Course is aimed at beginners in neonatal brain US scanning and it is organized offering both frontal lectures and practical sessions.
The aim of the Course is to give an introduction to the ex- citing world of ultrasound imaging.

During the day attendees will learn the fundamentals of US physics, the probe skills to optimize an US image and the different functionalities of the ultrasound system.
The Course will give each participants the opportunity to get “hands-on” sessions with the machines and to use it to scan and fix in an image the basic structures of the “normal” neonatal brain.

The main goal of the Course is to build an open “dialogue” between teachers and participants, in order to learn practi- cally the guidelines for brain ultrasonography.
The theoretical lessons will be connected with the didactic programme of the following Course “2019 Neonatal Ultra- sound Course. Why, how and when an ultrasound image?” which will be held on 19-22 March, 2019 in Florence, Italy, where many “pathologic” images of the neonatal ultra- sonography will be treated extensively.