Basic Course in Vascular Ultrasound

By | 12. november 2018
17. januar 2019 – 19. januar 2019 heldags
Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Denmark


Kim Kargaard Bredahl, MD, PhD, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark. (convenor)

Qasam Ghulam, MD, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark


Jonas Eiberg, MD, PhD, Ass.Professor, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Henrik Sillesen, MD, DMSc., Professor, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark.

Lærke Urbak, MD, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Lotte Klitfod, MD, clin. Lecture, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Rikke Broholm, MD, PhD, Dept. Clin-Phys., Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark

Martin Lawaetz, MD, Dept. Vasc. Surg., Rigshospitalet, Denmark


Department of Vascular Surgery, Class room 1+2, Section 2112 (stairway 2, 11th floor)

Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej 9, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


Thursday 17 January 2019 (12:00) to Saturday 19 January 2019 (14:00).


Vascular ultrasound is a rapidly developing modality in vascular surgery. The objective with this course is to make the participants able to perform some of the most basic vascular ultrasoundexaminations: abdominal aorta, femoral arteries, peripheral bypasses, basic carotid ultrasound, deep venous thromboses and varicose veins.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills under supervision during the course. This course corresponds to the curriculum of the theoretical part of EFSUMB Level 1 in Vascular Ultrasound (European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology). Online quizzes and tests will be conducted regularly during the course and the faculty underlines that attendance in the entire course is mandatory in order to receive course certificate and CME points.

Participants’ qualifications

The course is designed for vascular surgeons, vascular surgeons in training and vascular nurses and technologist. No prior ultrasound experience is required but basic knowledge to vascular anatomy and physiology is expected.


ESVS will apply the CME committee of UEMS for CME-points.

Registrations fee

€ 900 for ESVS members and € 1100 for non-members. The fee includes course material, and lunch. Transport, accommodation and additional meals are not included.


For registration and logistic info please contact the ESVS training office: / Website:

Please noticethat the course completion depend on appropriate entry. Whether the course will be conducted is announced no later than one month before course start. Travel and accommodation must therefore not be made until this message is given and ESVS is not financially responsible if this is done anyway


Questions regarding course content, qualifications etc. can be addressed to