Prostate MRI (7th ESUR Teaching Course) København

By | 15. januar 2017
16. juni 2017 – 17. juni 2017 heldags
Hotel Scandic København

The program is currently being planned and we will apply for EACCME credits once we have finalized the program.

It will contain lectures in both basic and advanced reading of MRI prostate as well as discussion panels with experts in the field of prostate.

Program overview MRIprostate2017
Duration 2 days:
Friday 08.00-18.00 and
Saturday 08.00-15.30

Friday 16th June 2017
Registration, welcome & introduction.
What and Why about the prostate: Evolution and anatomy. Diagnostic development with MRI.
How to Scan? Technical aspects of MRI 1.5T, 3.0T, coils and parameters.T2, DCE and diffusion, including T2 patho-anatomical correlation. Controversies of contrast media.
How to read? PI-RADS version 2.0. Pitfalls and mimics
How to biopsy? MRI-in bore. US-MR-Fusion. Perineal template. The Holy Grail of Gleason Grade and tissue-handling.
Afternoon Workshops:
Two Parallel sessions:
A: Detect cases or
B: Active surveillance cases AND
C: Stage cases or
D: Relapse cases

Saturday 17th June 2017
How to treat? Outline of treatment options and focal treatment, active surveillance, local and distant staging presented by urologist and oncologist.
Imaging biochemical failure (PSA relaps) radiology and nuclear medicine.
MDT: The symphony of specialties. Presentation of a multidisciplinary team meeting:
Communication, feedback and education. The scene is set: Live MDT case discussion by urologist, oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, nuclear med. and staff. Case presentations.
Where are we now? Future perspectives. Research, improvements. PI-RADS 3.0
How to learn and how to teach ….and where to go next year?

These topics will be in the program.