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Abdominal radiologi
apr 3 – apr 6 heldags

Herlev hospital

Eva Fallentin eva.fallentin@regionh.dk
Kirstine Hermann helle.kirstine.hermann@regionh.dk

Complementary Breast Diagnosis
apr 13 – apr 15 heldags

Dear Colleagues, Partners,

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Complementary Breast Diagnosis, our upcoming course in medical imaging organized in cooperation with the University of Erlangen.

The course is an intense 360 degrees experience on breast imaging techniques ranging from ultrasound & mammography to tomodensitometry, MRI and PET. Breast interventions and a broad variety of multiparametric challenging cases are included in the agenda.

The faculty consists of excellent professors from Erlangen, Vienna University Hospital and the Niels-Stensen Kliniken.

The course is now open for registration, please find the detailed agenda at the below link:

Complementary Breast Diagnosys – Scientific agenda

We offer a special participation package as well as single registration for this course, please do not hesitate to contact us for the details.

We apply for CME credits for this course, the accreditation is in progress.

With regards to the limited availability of places to this course, please send your registration sheets via email to: emese.polyak@adexilis.academy or info@adexilis.academy not later than 5th April.

For further details, sponsorship and special prices on registration, please do not hesitate to contact Adexilis Academy directly:

Adexilis Academy Kft.
1093 Budapest, Boráros tér 2.
T: +36 70 677 8851
E: info@adexilis.academy

We look forward to welcoming you and your partners at this exciting scientific event!

Please join us and get enlightened into the concept of Complementary Breast Diagnosis!

First Scandinavian PIPAC Meeting
apr 20 – apr 21 heldags

Peritoneal carcinomatosis represents end stage disease in many types of cancer, and the majority of patients with carcinomatosis will die from their disease within 6 months. Platinum-based systemic chemotherapy may prolong survival in selected patients, but poor performance status, low response rates, and treatment toxicity have led to conservative (nihilistic) treatment strategies in these patients. However, patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis who are in good condition and with a remaining life expectancy of more than a few months, may still have an unmet need for additional treatment in order to be able to perform with a high quality of life for as long as possible. These patients have often tried several lines of SC with disappointing results, and alternative and more effective treatment strategies are desperately needed.

PIPAC (Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy) is a minimal invasive administration of aerosolized chemotherapy within the abdominal cavity, where the laws of physics allow a high tissue concentrations of chemotherapy, but without the usual side effects and toxicity of systemic chemotherapy. Preliminary clinical data suggest a significant efficacy of PIPAC in platinum-resistant peritoneal carcinomatosis, with a confirmed low adverse events profile and with no occupational health safety problems.

This could indicate treatment progress in a difficult palliative situation, but perhaps PIPAC may also challenge the present treatment strategies in cancer patients who have not reached end stage disease, yet.

In close collaboration with the inventors of the PIPAC procedure we are pleased to invite you to the first Scandinavian PIPAC Meeting. The goal of this meeting is to provide a detailed overview of the present research, indications and results related to the PIPAC procedure in patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we look forward to welcoming you in Odense in 2017.


Imaging in times of terror – International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging Annual Meeting
maj 10 – maj 13 heldags

Dear Participants,

It is our great pleasure on behalf of the scientific committee to welcome you to the joined 6th annual meeting of the International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) and the 12th Anniversary Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR), which will be held in Odense in Denmark from May 11th – 13th 2017.

Forensic imaging plays an increasingly important role in forensic science and constitutes a rapidly developing research area. The joint ISFRI and IAFR annual meeting presents an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in this exciting new field and meet with colleges from all over the world.

The meeting will be held at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. It is hosted by the University Institute of Forensic Medicine in Odense in close collaboration with the Institutes of Forensic Medicine at the Universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The University of Southern Denmark is the third largest university in Denmark and has a close cooperation with Odense University Hospital. This cooperation will be further strengthened with the opening of a new super hospital in 2022 that will be linked to the university campus by a new-built faculty of medical science.

Odense is a peaceful and beautiful city situated on the island of Funen in the centre of Denmark and only 1.5 hours train ride from Copenhagen Airport. The city is named after Odin, the Norse god of war, poetry and wisdom – a perfect patron for a cultural and historical hotspot.

Lectures, poster presentations and exhibits will be held at the main lecture halls next to the university main entrance. Breaks and meals will be held in the adjoining lounge and in the restaurant.

As always the spirit of the meeting is one of collegiality and respect. The joined annual meeting of the ISFRI and IAFR offers the participants the chance to meet old and new friends, to strengthen bonds and to start collaborations.

We look forward to se you in Denmark!

Best regards,
Professor Peter Mygind Leth, MD. DMSc. Chair ISFRI
On behalf of the scientific committee

Kursus i Radiologisk Kvalitetsudvikling
maj 17 – maj 18 heldags
MR i onkologi – Årsmøde i Dansk Forening for Onkoradiologi
maj 19 heldags
Prostate MRI (7th ESUR Teaching Course) København
jun 16 – jun 17 heldags

The program is currently being planned and we will apply for EACCME credits once we have finalized the program.

It will contain lectures in both basic and advanced reading of MRI prostate as well as discussion panels with experts in the field of prostate.

Program overview MRIprostate2017
Duration 2 days:
Friday 08.00-18.00 and
Saturday 08.00-15.30

Friday 16th June 2017
Registration, welcome & introduction.
What and Why about the prostate: Evolution and anatomy. Diagnostic development with MRI.
How to Scan? Technical aspects of MRI 1.5T, 3.0T, coils and parameters.T2, DCE and diffusion, including T2 patho-anatomical correlation. Controversies of contrast media.
How to read? PI-RADS version 2.0. Pitfalls and mimics
How to biopsy? MRI-in bore. US-MR-Fusion. Perineal template. The Holy Grail of Gleason Grade and tissue-handling.
Afternoon Workshops:
Two Parallel sessions:
A: Detect cases or
B: Active surveillance cases AND
C: Stage cases or
D: Relapse cases

Saturday 17th June 2017
How to treat? Outline of treatment options and focal treatment, active surveillance, local and distant staging presented by urologist and oncologist.
Imaging biochemical failure (PSA relaps) radiology and nuclear medicine.
MDT: The symphony of specialties. Presentation of a multidisciplinary team meeting:
Communication, feedback and education. The scene is set: Live MDT case discussion by urologist, oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, nuclear med. and staff. Case presentations.
Where are we now? Future perspectives. Research, improvements. PI-RADS 3.0
How to learn and how to teach ….and where to go next year?

These topics will be in the program.

Nordisk Kongres 2017
jun 29 – jul 1 heldags
DRS Årsmøde 2018
jan 24 – jan 26 heldags
DRS Årsmøde 2019 & Nordisk kongres
maj 22 – maj 24 heldags